Friday, February 20, 2009

Solitarie showdown obession.

I have just joined a mgroup which is about solitarie showdown. The group will add me at msn. Then you can open a conversation window and nudge it and it will show a list of solitarie player. The player have to add you and both can start to play the game. Most of them were powerful player.

From the picture...
Collete is the admin of the group. I played a few game with him and he was very fast, totally very concentrate to the game.
Tammi jo... I haven had a game with this person yet because this person is always not online. Somemore this person added me first and yet went MIA.
Deanna and Randy... Played a few game before and the skill and speed are almost similar to me.

I am the fourth in place and I gonna speed up and played more winning games.
Currently my gaming partner is LWH and we almost play everyday for an average of 10 games.
I feel so bad for keep winning her but yet she is still so excited with playing the game with me. :)

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