Monday, February 09, 2009

Last day of Chinese new year~

Today is the last day of Chinese new year and there was a Getai for me to attend. I love to go to Getai especially when CZW is present. Indeed he was present tonight organizing the beautiful and grand Getai outlook. It seems like I am attending a concert and not a free getai. He really put in a lot of effort in everything. I did not get to see him much and clear enough because we are seated too far from the stage.

Yesterday we went to Singapore flyers to take Ang Bao. We did not took any Ang Bao that contain goodie because we were late. We only took a set of ang bao which is useless to me. Radio 958 was giving out 800 ang baos, 500 containing 1 flyer ticket and 300 containing cash. Even though we couldn't get the ang bao, we had a fun time at the rainforest garden.


He walked too fast and hence I could only took a picture of his back~

Shuttle bus comes every 30 minutes to fetch us go and comes every 1 hour to fetch us back. We were frustrated and left for the bus stop to take bus to Chinatown.

We were heading to eat chicken rice for dinner and happened to saw this car that I had been waiting so long for the opportunity to take photo of it. I know that it was an embarrassing act. :S

I forget what is te brand name but I know it is a Japanese brand. Cool isn't it?

After that we shop around and went home. We had a hard time waiting for CT18 and ended us taking other alternative bus home. We had also lodge a complain about this matter and now waiting for the reply. RAWR~

A fun and yet tired day~ :)

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