Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sudden job offer shock.

Early in the morning, I was supposed to meet WanNing for lunch but Recruit express at west called me and told me to go for an interview at their branch for a promoter job.

The promoter job is for promoting Olay products but no commission earned so this promoter is not like those stress kind. That kind that we need to meet a certain target a day. Back to the topic, the job required me to work three days a week: friday, saturday and sunday from March to end of April. The pay is $600 per month. After calculating, it is an average of $6.25 per hour.

It was a good offer but I still rejected the job because since it need me to work until end of April. My school start at middle April so if I were to apply for the job, I had to skip two friday which will leave a bad impression to my facilitator. There I decided to reject it in the end. Such a pity.

No job, no money, no happiness...

After that, I went to Plaza singapura to find the epoxy glue but to no luck. :(

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