Monday, March 09, 2009

Autumn or Winter?

By right, this period of time should be autumn. But somehow it seems to be like winter with so much heavy downpour and cold wind blowing now and then. My hands and foots now are icy cold and I need to wear gloves and socks to keep them warm.

Early in the morning, went to RP for meeting. I had a hard time waiting for the bloody long bus 58. All the other buses have passed by twice and yet mine still have not come. I thought I will be late but it the end I reached 15 minutes earlier.

Fafa reached 45 minutes and I think Aliza was not very pleased with him. Poor Fafa, he told me he woke up very early but luck was not with him because he could not catch any buses and taxis. I hope next time he will have plenty of luck for him to reached on time or earlier.

After the meeting, it started to rain like waterfall. I was very angry about the wind because it blew the rain onto me, make me feeling sticky and oily. Rain is dirty water!

Before leaving school, I saw a big black came into our school to shelter for the rain. That was so cute of the dog~ He must be feeling cold~

After that went to Outram to meet WN and went for lunch and after that we went home. Will be meeting her again on Wednesday. :)

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