Saturday, March 07, 2009

Lucky or Coincidence?

I wonder is it lucky or coincidence?

Just now we went to market coffee shop to have dinner. Then some familiar shadow past by the road. I quickly look and saw CZW car drive past in lighting speed. Omg, I can't believe that. I have seen him drving once and today is the second times.

His car have unique pictures of some auspicious character and symbol therefore I ca recognise immediately. I can also somehow sense that his car is coming or nearby too.

It was a pity that I can't see him because his window is 70% black. Somemore his car is drving at high speed. Shoom past and gone!

Till now I still have not gotten a full and nice picture of his car. RAWR! Must complete this task as soon as possible!

I had a dream last night. I dreamt that I left all my bags and stuff in the bus stop and only took my handphone and purse to catch a cab. The bag and stuff were branded and some of them belong to my Mum. At that time I am very scared that my Mum will skin me alive for losing her valuable things. Then I woke up.

I told my Mum about this dream in the afternoon and she blamed me for not telling her earlier when she was buying 4D. She say she will buy my last 4 digit in my handphone number which is 3097. In the end it draw 0793 - 3rd prize.

Luckily it did not draw the number directly, if not my Mum will really skin me alive. Hohoho~ I know why it did not draw directly, because I did not bet on the number. Maybe if I bet on it, the number might come out directly because lady luck is with me. :P

My horoscope is indeed true that I am a lucky gambler and a really lucky person to meet upon chance with CZW. Yuhoo~

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