Thursday, March 05, 2009

FYP meeting + tutoring.

As usual FYP early in the morning and as usual it went on great too. After next monday, our group can finally have a short break as facilitator will be going on holiday. After all those rushing and pushing last month, we finally get to slow down our pace to stare at the blue sky full of clouds.

And also not forgetting that it was raining heavily almost everyday. I love the rain but I hate it when it wet my canvas shoe as easily as 1,2,3! RAWR! Should I buy a rain boot? Hoho~

Back from student house. As usual it was raining again. I hope there was no wind to blow the rain on me! BAKA! I am so happy that my student say that she hope that I can come everyday to teach her. Unfortunately I am busy on other days. :S

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