Wednesday, March 25, 2009

FYP meeting + WN.

Sian to the max le. My msn is not working on my own laptop! Seems like I need to bring it to RP on Friday.

Today went to National library for FYP short meeting. Unfortunately I got something on or else I can accompany them to look for black cumin powder.

After that I rush back to Tampines to meet WN for lunch. Halfway through the MRT everyone was chased out of the train at Aljunied station. I don't know what is the reason. Those people sleeping one were very funny cause they were awaken by the in charge and chased out without knowing the reason why. HAHAHHAH~

Went with WN to eat LJS and then to her home. I am so glad that I can sign in to my msn at her house but sad that I can't back at home. :(

WN bought new desktop and it was extremely style plus cheap. So good~ Her screen was wide, I think I can do two things at a time without squeezing so much in my laptop. :)

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