Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pasir ris Park field trip.

Photos will be upload soon~

Yesterday evening went out with SY, WH and WQ.

Walked walked around the beach,
Played with my favourite swing until headache,
Walked some more and reached mangrove forest.

Mangrove forest: quite dark with lots of trees, cooling like air con room! and a bit scary and creepy inside. Scary because not used to that kind of environment. Saw a lot of people excercisng and random people tour tour around like us.

We saw a lot of tiny winy crabs and mud skipper. I wanted to see water snake but hard to spot and other weird weird stuff too. Must be super observant then can spot it. We spotted a lot of rubbish. After the field trip, strolled back to interchange.

We had Burger king for dinner. Played around with tissue paper, took some unusual photos and then shop around before heading back home.

Everyone had lots of fun as we were laughing non-stop. Like as if we eaten excess laughing pills. Anyway we are like this all the time when we are together. HAHAHHAAHHA~

WANTS: I seriously need a haircut as soon as possible.

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