Monday, March 16, 2009

Se7en USA debut album - Girls Official MV ||[YEAH~]||

Finally I found the first song that SeungRi dance to. When the Korean cut and take part of the song to play it, it was nice. The song start at 2:16 in the video below. When I listen to the original song, it was nice at the first play and then I started to feel sick at the second and so on plays. Anyway, the song is Sean Garrett - Turbo 919.

Turbo 919 - Sean Garrett

MBC Star Dance Battle 25 Jan 2009 SeungRi vs. TaeYang

Se7en USA debut album - Girls Official MV

This MV is finally out, se7en is still so cool or in fact cooler. I want to see him breakdance but he say that he was too old to do so already. :( He say he will be focusing on vocal more. He voice is still the same, so smooth, soft and nice~

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