Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sweaty, tired and headache.

I find out that whenever I am under the Sun for too long, I tend to get headache. Now I am not feeling really well. The illness that I hate most is headache.

Just came back from outing with WN.

We went to Commonwealth to repair WN friend laptop at NEC.
(No offend to NEC user) I find NEC laptop a bit ugly, the shape is too square. It is also very heavy just like my ACER laptop. I hate heavy laptop. Next time when I buy laptop, weight will be first thing I will consider. But one thing I am very satisfied is the excellent customer service. I can get such excellent customer service at ACER too.

Went to have lunch(WN) and snack(me) at the nearby foodcourt. WN told me something really funny about PIG. I won't release what is it about here because I am going to try out on my friends. :P *WN is truly a PIG.*

Take bus to Orchard to shop.

Went Wheellock to see Crumpler bags. WN wants to buy one of those bags and she influenced me. Her friend got one of those bag and so I like the many pockets that the bag have. There is also a pocket for holding laptop.

Went to Tang to see slippers/ sandals but it was too expensive. I wanted to buy one long long ago. Ever since my sandal past away, I have been wearing canvas shoes. It was a lousy shoe for rainy days because it was too sensitive to water.

Went to Heeren to see slippers/ sandals again but don't have the type I want.
Went over to HMV to see if Se7en US debut album is on sale in Singapore but don't have. :( BABO!

Take buses to Bugis. Bought a strawberry sundae because the weather is super duper extremely HOT! The weather can cook an egg and I think that can save a lot of gas. I told WN a really good plan. I will put a pure big metal piece at my balcony. The Sun will heat up the metal piece and I can start frying egg, making pancakes and other stuff. HAHHAHAHAH~

Went over to NAFA to return laptop to WN friend. NAFA is really full of fashionable people and weird dressing students. There was one that was very shocking. Even WN also don't know beause recently she is half-blind. There was this girl who wear a very short shirt. Then somemore it shows her stomach. If her stomach is flat, I have no comment when people show it out. But the problem is her stomach is big and it seems to be dropping down, which look like some old man beer belly. Then she also reveal a whole chunk of her underwear, around 1/3 of it which is quite a lot. I have never seen people who reveal so much. She looks like ah lian who thinks she look very choi but in fact it makes people think that she has really bad dressing taste.

After that take bus and went to help Mummy buy 4D. The number I want to buy is out. Recently my number always come out in result because in the wrong order of arrangement. If I were to buy, maybe I got the chance to strike first prize. :)

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