Friday, April 17, 2009


I don't understand why some people like to quarrel so much? Especially those old people who are ineducated. Will quarrel give them the best way to solve the problem? Can't they just sit down and have a good talk with that person? RAWR!

I think it was rather stupid and low EQ to quarrel and fight. Ignored is the best way to solve everything. Ignoring is more dao and feel more powerful.

My uncle love to quarrel. The older he is, the higher the frequency that he is been triggered to start a quarrel. So far it didn't end up to be a fight yet. I hope it end up to a fight to prove that he is no longer fit and powerful anymore. He can quarrel over very little and stupid things.

Example we go some very crowded place, sometimes people tend to brush by you not on purpose and this he can also pick a quarrel. I feel pity to those people who was scolded by him. So far I am used to it already and everytime he scold me, I would just roll eye at him. I know I am rude but he deserved it.

This is call 'be treated the way like how you treat others'. With his prescence, I learn how to be deaf and act like nothing happen. Last time I am very affected and I will scold back. But now I am too lazy to do so. From a sensitive person to a no feeling person.

He is also very stuborn. Only know how to find fault in other people and always blame that other people is wrong and he is right. WTH! Normally a conflict is always two parties wrong. How can it be only one party fault. It is like how to clap with one hand?

Everytime I tell him which is correct then he will say I am wrong lah. He say that I am inexperience and he knows more than me. If he knows more then he would be a powerful person already. He is only a pathetic cleaner worker in a small company.

ARGH! This type of person forever stay in the past and unable to advance. Good luck to him ba!

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