Wednesday, March 10, 2010

now and then.

1. Hate to know someone who has the same plans as me and be the same as me. I want to be different! Stop having the same plans as me!
2. Hate arrogant and naive people whose words louder than action.
3. Being a doctor is good, but suddenly you tell me you want be a lawyer and the next moment an accountant and the next moment translator. Are you just working for the sake of fame and money? How much passion do you have?
4. I should take action too.
5. No one have the right to tell others what they should do.
6. From hate to dread to addicted to happy to excited to looking forward.
7. Spend on learning than on glamour is what makes me happy. 3/4 trueness.
8. My life is spent meaningfully, are yours too?
8. I miss having breakfast with LSY and my girls @ KFC/MAC!

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