Friday, March 12, 2010

A rainbow beyond the black clouds.

1. Someone only know how to hide in her comfort zone, when can she start moving on and prove to the world that she actually exist?
2. You think I give a damn to you two? I don't need your attitude, I got my own attitude.
3. Times files but everyday is such a terrible day. Should I blame that irresponsible woman?
4. Should I say a lack of manner or a lack of the ugly real world experience?
5. I truly don't want to waste my memory cell. Luckily school have not start yet, if not, I would really be as ruthless as I can be.
6. I hate it when people always give me a very unapproachable feeling. After all, it takes 2 hands to clap.
7. Had a lot of laughters today, I am feeling better but I really miss the laughters I had with girls, fyp team and classmates. Crazy times were always so short.
8. I hate it when someone don't say it out and literally direct my attention to elsewhere and slowly forget about it. How irritating can that be? How fake and hurting can that be. But anyway, you are just nobody in my life. If I feel the same way, others will too. I will just laugh at you.
9. Even though it has not open yet but I can see so many small details that were neglected. Unfortunately, I don't have the right to contribute, so lets see if my prediction were correct.
10. Time to give tarot card the essence of moon and sun.
11. She super loves purple too, could she be the same sign as me? I seriously must find a chance to find out.
12. My mood is going to be affected for not facing the outside world especially the sunlight for 9 hours a day, 40 hours a week. The bright lights were not helping and I am hating them. I hate to be enclosed by four walls and I can't roam freely. I seriously don't want to feel resricted like a jail cell! ARGH! FML!
13. If only we are equal, take away the rank differences and respect for superior, I would start a problem statement on it. HAHAH! PBL is still very useful to apply everywhere. HOHO!
14. Want do, do it properly la! Process and result are equally important. Similarly, small details and big picture are equally important. That is what make things perfect. Seriously brainless and a burden.
15. I am waiting patiently for BB and 7. :D
16. More problems start to arise. I find her action quite unglam and manly sometimes. HAHHA! Ooops. ;P

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