Tuesday, March 30, 2010

They are useless!

Argh, this is so sickening! Till now, I still cannot believe what was happening. How can they be so inconsiderate? They totally never consider other people feeling. They thought all of us are just looking for temporary job, work as and when you like. Some people work to feed the family! And there you are just like any other low class company out there giving people as when call you then you come to work. What the hell can! And further more there is no notice at all. You all have the cheek to ask people to leave during the lunch break. Do you know how hurting they are. How are they going to break this news to their family and friends that this well known company is doing this? We take leave or quit job, we give you at least 1 week notice, how about you all? You don't even give people some mental preparation and you create a mess in other people timetable by waiting for your call everyday to get ready to go work for replacing some people who are on leave. What kind of stupid life is that. In the first place, don't you all have any back up plan? Plan on how much employees the place need and what to do with the excess. You can possibly ask people to go home and come when called to come. You can't do that for the reputation that you have! Further more you all are so inefficiency! Please finish your work for the day before you commit to your personal things. When doing your work, please do it fast yet accurate if you expect the same thing from us! I have to complain but I know I have no say because I don't have the authority so I shall stop it but I will remember it!

I seriously can't stand people who can't make their decision properly. A simple decision push from one to another and back to the same place. Initially don't even tell people you need companions when you have no starting point at all. I don't want to have a leader like that. Small things also cannot do well, how to do big things? Things that are unproductive to my life, I don't wish to commit to it either. I am so glad that I myself and most of my outing mates are not like this. If not I will make sure they make the decision on the spot with stress!

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