Monday, April 19, 2010

Only you~

I am so dissppointed. We have the same sign but completely different personality. It makes me doubt if she is really that sign or is the horoscope not very useful to apply on everyone. The is the first time I encountered differences which I can't explain using my other theory. But anyway, it didn't bring down my reputation so it should be fine.

Horror stories start to enter my place. I am so looking forward to how it can spice up the clinic. I shouldn't be superstitious or paranoid but too many things are happening in a chain. One by one, all the colleagues fall sick, one by one the equipments still getting hiccups. Is something trying to get our attention? It is creepy but it is known to be common in such places.

I am trying to achieve a friendly working environment but everytime, there seems to be this one person who will always bring it down. I hate it when I was on the way to perfection and professionalism and end up it is been lower down by a little bit. Not that bad but I get upset when it is not perfect. Only when it is perfect, only then it would make me more motivated and happier. Oh well, just accept it, KID!

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