Sunday, April 11, 2010

Respect all Religion! Respect everyone!

I saw this newspaper article in Saturday which is yesterday NewPaper.

It really protrays what I want to say to those who are carrying out religion propaganda.

"Article title: Respect rights when promotion religion

I read with interest to the report "Church youths give treats to befriend kids" (The NewPaper, April 8)

There have recently been other reports been otherreports too about the "stealth" approach adopted by some evangelists. Some of them even run down other religions.

Religions is a private affair and there is no need for stealth in promoting religion.

The authorities should monitior such activities because if ledt unchecked, it can harm the social fabric of our nation.

Sometimes evangelists knock on doors even when there are clear signs that the occupants have a different belief.

If anyone is keen to learn about any religion, I am certain they wil make their own way to wherever they can learn about it and there is no need for such stealthy moves.

Respect must be given to each individual's right to choose a religion.

Fanatism comes in different forms and global conflicts should serve as an eye opener for us.

From Reader Arthur Lim"

I shall not talk bad about other religion, let me talk about my own religion. I really dislike it when they mention that they want to reach so much target by this month or this year. I really don't like when they set target even when it is 1 people per year. I don't like it when they kept pushing you to introduce people in. Please just say it in a polite and friendly, don't say it as if like being pressurized. Religion is a free will thing, plus I believe it is link with fate.

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