Sunday, May 02, 2010


It is so hot until I had a headache.
It is so hot until tears rolling down my eye.

I'm sure you've had someone that you loved leave you.
You might have thought it was all my fault.
That's why I couldn't hold onto you.
I thought that I could forget small pains like this and that another love would come and find me.
Why I can't forget about you?
I just look up at the sky and cry out please love me again.
If only this small wish in my heart would turn into rain and fall from the sky.
If my love comes into your head the memories comes alive again.
If my love comes into your heart I'm reminded of our precious love.
If my love touches your lips you cry out to me that you love me.
Following the rainy street... as you walk, walk, walk, you will see the me that you were waiting for.
With the key called trust I open the box called love.
I call to send a prayer called love even if my heart can't find you.
Go back to that time as I prayed for just once in my life.
If I cry out like this the rain of love will come down.
If your love rains downs on my eyes you are standing in front of me.
If your love rains down on my ears you are whispering sweet nothings again.
I love you, if I held you in my arms again.
If I were to be happy again I would follow that sunny road.
Walking and walking together, we will see the us that we've been hoping for.
Praying for you to come back to me... once again...

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