Sunday, May 02, 2010

Some people always take things for granted.

Some people really have lots of complaints. Their complaints were about changing things and people to suit their mood. You are human, we are human, we have our human rights just like you too. You come here for treatment and why the bloody hell do you care about those minor things that don't affect your remaining life? Please think about the reality and original and please don't think so much more. Think about your long term happiness and not about those short term happiness which you will never be 100% satisfied. There never seems to be a balance, when you request much, you are happy and we are unhappy. But if you appreciate our effort and never request much, you are happy and we are much more happy too. Why they hell do you make people life so desperate and upset? It is ok because I know I won't be there long. I would spend my bloody precious life there forever! Next time I shall control 100% of my own life.

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