Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bus pipe broke.

The bus I was taking home broke down. The driver suddenly say please wait a few minutes while he go behind of the bus to check something. Everyone was wondering what he want to check. After that, he started to call someone outside the bus and everyone were still curious at what is happening? At first I thought he knocked onto some cats, dogs or rats. Finally we overheard him when he was talking on the phone that one of the pipe has broke. He ordered us to alight and board the next bus. Luckily it was two stops away from my home so I could take any next bus FOC!

I wonder how the driver know that the pipe had broke when there was no camera. Or maybe he can feel it or someone outside the bus notice and inform the driver. Luckily all these happened if not the pipe will be rubbing against the rocky floor, produce heat and the bus might burn and explode and I WILL BE GONE FOREVER! Anyway, everyone is safe now, thanks to the driver. :)

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