Friday, June 25, 2010

On a watery FRIDAY.

Early in the morning, I woke up and stare at the window and realised why is it so dark? I thought my alarm clock spoilt and woke me up at the wrong timing but I on the TV, it was broadcasting 'Good Morning Singapore', and so the timing is not right. I looked out of the window and I went 'WOAH, WOAH, WOOOWWW~', the sun was covered by the thick dark clouds. I love dark clouds and I would always love to take sepia photographs of the dark clouds. But unfortunately my brain had not wake up and therefore not functioning well and I forgotten to do so. However, I got real excited and kept exclaiming around the whole house: "WOAHHH, the sky is very very dark lei~ very very very super duper very DARK!!!"

Once again the small dot is flooded again. I am greatly affected because my shoe was wet and smelly. Luckily it doesn't smell that bad, just that it was very uncomfortable. Flooded meaning PUB and NEA hiring more employees to clear up the clogged drains = more job opportunity = more happiness. Therefore water really bring good luck.

Working as usual stagnant. Nothing happening going on, everything and everyone is calm until crazy NANA sms me.
her: what time is your lunch?
me: i have eaten.
her: me too.
me: =.=
Talking with crazy NANA makes me go crazy too. HAHAHAH!

After work was exciting, some are happy, some are unhappy. More or less I know where the problems lies, it lies at the problem that, the table is not ROUND! But still this gathering was very fun and full of laughters provided that SR and PK must be present. I have not laugh till maximum for such a long time. I really miss those breathless laughing jokes during FYP. I am defintely looking forward to future outings provided that everyone must be present. :D

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