Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time to communicate with the world.

I am losing in touch with this world soon. I wanted to share but either is I am lazy or I really have so much to share that I don't know where to share from.

Early in the morning, something bad annoyed me. At first I thought my bad mood will last me for the rest of the day. But hell no, my bad mood was gone immediately when the first person spoke to me. Staying at working place really can help to improve my mood and forget about all the negative things. I am so fortunate about my life now so I better cherish it before it is gone since good things never last.

This week without the prescene of sister, life seems to be much more relax without anyone supervising. However, there were lots of spy in action to report all the negative things of certain people to sister. When next week, sister returned from her relaxation, she will sure be bombarded with all our nonsense.

I am settled with the dungeon, 3/5 settled with the outside world and currently what I am doing is, sharpening the remaining 2/5 and self learning the war front. I will get myself ready with a strong overview of everything before I am being kicked for courses. I must get it settled as soon as possible so that I can give full concentration for my studies. Hope sister won't gives me too heavy workload. God bless you and me. HHAHAH! Seriously, I think everyone workload is heavy and therefore teamwork and staying united is extremely important. However, some people always get in the way and delay the almost excellent workflow.

Other than that, the hygience level in the clinic is not very good. I have been thinking for really long on how to increase the hygience level. Casesheets are dirty and full of dust, staff don't wash their hands properly, sneeze properly and blah, patients more worst because most were not taught the proper way. I have been thinking, since this guy come to spray mosquitos thing every week, why don't some similar thing like spray the disinfecting chemical at the end of the day every week? Just like sars virus was present or just like we entering the chicken farm or cow farm. The workers disinfect themselves from head to toes with some spraying chemical above them before they entering. That is so cool. As for the flying dusts from the casesheets, maybe the thristy hippo might work? It all have to depend on when I have the mood to buy the thristy hippo. HAHAHHA!

Oh ya, this friday, almost everyone in the clinic will be having seafood dinner together and I am defintely looking forward to eating something that I have not eaten for ages. That is why I am aging! HHAHAHA!

Lets end with a picture. Those abandoned haunted bed that no one wish to lie on.

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