Thursday, July 01, 2010

Taeyang - I need a girl ft. G-DRAGON.

Taeyang new album is released today and just nice, he did some performances live too. :)

As usual I only go WOW at GD entrance. By the way, I don't like how the ladies dressed until so slutty and danced until so sexy. ARGH!!! GD might be attracted to them! HAHAHA! Taeyang dance moves were as usual so sexy or getting way much hotter. I totally love GD entrance. He always appear as a rapper style. His rap is unbeatable as usual. There he goes again, sending striking smile to the camera and to me. HAHAHHAHA! His place of best man in my list have not dropped yet. I am totally impressed with this performance. Great job!

By the way, why is SE7EN taking so longgggg~ :S

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