Tuesday, August 03, 2010

God Knows.

I seriously don't work better under stress.
In fact, I work better under stress-free environment.
Only then my efficiency and everything reached maximum.
For myself, it is proven now.
Unlike in the painful 3 years, everyday is a torture to me.
Everyday things went wrong and rough. Luckily I am smart enough to control of the whole situation and go through it happily and safely.

Talking about her.
Poor her that she had to suffered now but that is life.
I really admire her when she insisted that no one knows everything.
She would goes like: "Oh~ That persons knows everything ah? He must be as powerful as God ah? I see, I see. Then hope that person never say the phrase: I don't know! "
WUUUU~ I love this. Makes the person take back his own word.
I really hope she can be strong and overcome everything since I can't help her much.

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