Sunday, August 01, 2010

Josh Gates is so OBESSED over Jason Hawes!

This is too cute and too funny!
Josh Gates from 'Destination Truth' hugging framed photo of Jason Hawes from 'Ghost Hunter'!
If you missed this two great sci-fi shows, you really miss the most interesting part of the world.

Oh ya, forget to tell you that I am now currently very obessed with DT shows. It is but interesting but can't be compared with GH and GHI.
One of the many places they went to investigate which are very interesting, like the 'japanese sucide forest', 'island of dolls', 'indonesia mosque (potianak haunting)', 'africa haunted island'...
They don't only investigate paranormal, you also investigate huge octopus with razor teeth, dinosaur that was seen just recently (oh craps!), mermaids that was also seen by the villagers just yesterday (=.=)...

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