Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Very Profound.

After what MM shared about her past working experiences and her friends working experiences. She shared with me how scary those office politics are. From what she analysed, I don't think that kind of job suit me. I will suffocated by those hostile colleagues, easily bullied by those backstabbing colleagues who thought I would be snatching their position. I can't stay in a job which everyday I need to think how to protect myself from others instead of sharing joy with others. She emphasized on the word LUCK. Even though I think most of the time, I had lot of luck but still luck won't be with me 24/7. My final thought is, I rather stay in the clinic or join friends who are already in the clinic, or be my own boss than to work alone in office and be real unhappy. As always, whatever I do, first priority is happiness because life is too short to think negative.

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