Sunday, October 24, 2010

CROCODILES farm, Kusu island, Pasir panjang market.

Yesterday, Yun, hong and me went to Singapore Crocodile farm together. Even though there were very few crocodiles, but there were a few huge crocodiles. I think this farm is more challenging than the Jurong reptile park. The huge crocodiles will attract me to go back again. Next time, we shall go at its feeding time.

The largest of all. Photo can't tell much because I don't dare to hold my phone too near to the ponds. I get too excited when the crocodiles moved so I might drop my phone down since now it doesn't have any extension strap. Hate it that my phone don't have that hole to hold the strap.

Another huge one in a not-so-tall wall. I am so afraid that when the crocodile moved too rough, the water will splash onto my face so I kept covering my face. HAHAHH!

4 round mouthed crocodiles in North south east west direction.

This looked like a zoom in version of a lizard.

Today I had an one-day tour near Singapore to Kusu island and Pasir panjang market. We dropped by at Vivo City for lunch and to take a look at the Christmas tree.

 Marina south pier. This place looked new and not as homely as Singapore custom.

This was brought by our organizer a few weeks back.

The point where we boarded the boat. There is one at the opposite too.

Here come our boat.

The view outside our boat. There is actually an cafe; a floating cafe. It goes high or low depending on the water level. That is so cool! The water that you drink from your cup is never still.

We are leaving the pier to Kusu Island! I think this island is near Indonesia because my friend received an Indonesia welcome message on her phone.

I love this transparency blue and clear look of the seawater. This is exceptionally clean.

One of the big pond in Kusu Island with many little brown fishes. At different part of the pond, there are fishes of different sizes and shapes even  though the pond does not have any separator. This is one of the mysterical place of Kusu Island.

Many coconuts for the hot weather.

There are two temples and this is one of it.

Bright yellow staircase up another very shocking temple.

Everyone trying their best  to climb up the irregular stairs. I had a hard time too.

Wishing stones hung on the trees. And you started seeing writing on the stairs. This is not vandalising act.

One of the wishes by don't know which wealth-obessor.

More writings. All kind of wishes as you can see below.

HAHHAHAHAH! I wrote mine wishes for Mum too. I didn't wrote any for myself and the world.

This is the place owned by Malays and it is extremly yellowish. Everywhere I turned, I saw something yellow. The Malays there really are very noisy in a good way. They kept shouting auspicious blessing to the visitors and it got the whole place so full of luck.

Wishing stone wall. It is fully packed. I wrote here too for my all-time lucky number.

The view of the beach when you got down from the yellow temple.

A small bright snake wad spotted at the food centres and got everyone so panic and shocked. Just because the snake moved 1 cm, the people around moved back 1 metre plus screaming like as if it is a big snake. Just when everyone was retreating, I moved forward to take photos and then the uncle came with a plastic bag and speedily catch the snake away. AAARRGGHHHH!!!

Mummy was damn funny. She was buying food and the stall was near the snake but not that near. She paid for the food and when she knew that is a snake commotion, she retreat back just like others and the stall owners goes: HEY AUNTIE, YOUR FOOD! YOUR FOOD!

One of the pond that contains only tortises. There were many but they all looked so normal that I don't see them as an auspicious animal of the temple. Ooops! I don't know where the Kang kong come from cause when I returned for a second look, there are more Kang kong and new add-ons of bread. Then I retured for a third look, WAHH! WHOLE PLACE FLOODED WITH KANG KONG! It was on the tortises head, tortise shell, under the tortises, around the tortises. IT IS EVERYWHERE!!!

Cute. It is always there since my first look.

Another pond of tortises. More tortises.

The tortises are actually real smart. They only eat the leaf and abandon the stem. Don't be fussy tortises!

Time to leave. Waiting at the jetty for our turn to board the boat.

Leaving the Island with lots of people waiting for their turn to board the boat. Poor thing.

WUUUU! I love the white trail that the boat leaves.

Top of the boat.

Cruise boat at Harbourfront centre. I don't know if you can see, there is a slide on the top of the cruise.

Huge purple and pink jingle bells christmas tree at Vivo city.

I am not asking you to see the onions, potatoes, garlics or boxes. SPOT THE CAT!

OH SO CUTE! It is a purple bell on its collar. There is another cat which looked quite similar to this one with a gold bell. OMG!!! Purple and gold color!!! I like!!!

This is Pasir panjang market. What happened to this market? Who treated this cucumber as a ball and kicked from opposite stall to here? LOL! I see a lot of vegetables jokes.

In the center of the picture, Mr Potato is having a good chat with Miss Tomato. LOL!

Once again, there is some vegatables chaos here. And oh ya, where is the stall owner?

There is this store owner that is real funny.
Mum was choosing sweet potatoes by at this ground level display of the vegetables. Out of no where a plastic bag came flying there for my Mum to put her choosen sweet potatoes.

Mum: A! Where this bag come from?
Me (in my mind): Of course from the owner lah! (The auntie owner very funny, throw the bag and walk to another place.)
Another Mum friend came and choose sweet potatoes as well and down came another plastic bag.
Mum: WAH, another bag! (her actions were funny!)
I stand aside laughing non-stop! HAHAHAHHA!!!

Owner: Sweet potatoes cost $2.50
Some buyer from my tour group: Auntie $2.50.
Joker auntie: Auntie how can be $2.50? So cheap?
I laughed and owner smiled.
Joker auntie: Auntie you looked so gloomy people don't dare buy from you.
Owner: I not in a good mood.
Mum: How come?
Owner: ***Silence...***

Buyer: Can cheaper a not ah?
Joker auntie laughed: How can you slab price? She bad mood! Don't make her so sad le. HAHAH!
Owner laughed because of our silly jokes. HAHAH!

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