Saturday, October 23, 2010

Servant leadership is so interesting because I can apply on the people around me.

I strongly believe that all leaders should gone through the servant stage to be an effective and effecient leader. (I think Sister B did a good job in doing so.) If they did not gone through that stage, he/she had no right to control us because he/she simply don't know what we are going through.

Checklist for you think you are a servant leader?

1. Do people believe that you are willing to sacrifice your own self-interest for the good of the group?

2. Do people believe that you want to hear their ideas and will value them?

3. Do people believe that you will understand what is happening in their lives and how it affects them?

4. Do people come to you when the chips are down or when something traumatic has happened in their lives?

5. Do people believe that you have a strong awareness for what is going on?

6. Do others follow your requests because they want to as opposed to because they "have to?"

7. Do others communicate their ideas and vision for the organization when you are around?

8. Do others have confidence in your ability to anticipate the future and its consequences?

9. Do others believe you are preparing the organization to make a positive difference in the world?

10. Do people believe that you are committed to helping them to develop and grow?

11. Do people feel a strong sense of community in the organization that you lead?

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