Friday, October 08, 2010

Get a life please!

I don't understand why am I questioned for my title. If this is the case, might as well ask the HR to strike off my title. I am very envy that Amanda started out fierce. I had inherited Amanda and Patricia seriousness in work and I do more than expected but I get don't get the respect that I deserve. I used to get it in Polytechnic but no longer now. I don't see why I can't ask one to do things when one is free? Why must one grumbled so much and gave me all sort of excuses and nag? It is not as if I asked you to work and myself sitting there and slacking away. I would feel ashamed and embarassed myself if I were to do that. If I am working hard, I would have the thick cheek to ask you to work. Further more, it is simle labour work and yet I get so much excuses for simple things. Hard things had yet to come and yet you are making noise at small things. How to survive harsh condition? You jolly well know that you are paid to work especially when your pay is so high. Stop chatting and disturbing our people and spoilt our reputation. Seems like what A told me is no use, it totally don't work when the others don't cooperate. If my employees were to be like that, either you are tortured or fired! As what the great philosopher said; time-motion maximized production. Seem like things don't go the right way that I want, I make sure things don't get the right way that you want too.

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