Saturday, October 16, 2010

Work politics can be so scary.

As according to Chester Barnard,
Employees are more willing to accept directions from their manager when:

1. understand the communcation.
2. see the communication as consistent with the purposes of the organisation.
3. feel that the actions indicated are in line with their needs and those of other employees.
4. view themselves as mentally and physically able to comply.

How true it is, no wonder I don't heed some of my advices from my manager because most of the things I am asked to do, I am mentally unable to comply.

After hearing the scary stories about B1B, I would love to go there and experience why is the culture there so hostile? I guess the management can't do anything with it because mentally abusing employees is not a crime recognised by the directors.

I somehow thinks that the place I am working at had poor managment. They are only patient focus and only thinking of making them happy. They totally forget that the staff is the one who made them happy. How to make them happy when we the staff themselves are unhappy?

I am fortunate that I am in a safe working environment.

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