Saturday, October 02, 2010

I love, I wish, I dream.

I love going home from school at night.
I love travelling at night.
I love lively loud-spoken adults.
I love noisy yet human-friendly huge gatherings.
I love modern interior designs.
I love dreaming in my own majestic land all day long.

Soka big gathering at Changi village resort. A very deserted area to held events. But the resort houses are located quite closely together and everyone house is like so happy, fun and crowded. It is just like a happy village. How I wish if I were to live in bungalow, my surrounding neighbours would be so lively and crowded.
 The house was too crowded for everyone to squeeze in so some stayed out.
 I love the crowd.
 Two levels resort bungalow. The second floor is nice. It reminds me of the room for newly wed at fullerton hotel.
 As you can see! It is damn crowded. The black shirt guy standing on the left was a radio broadcaster. I didn't know he was in the same religion as us. He had real nice and smooth vocals. He was very humorous as well and he really make a good MC for event such as wedding. He built the atmosphere up very naturally and fast.
 The stair that linked level 1 and 2.
There is a nice window above the stair.

I really love such lively gatherings. I might consider it for group birthday in future.

Random: I prefer Korean version drama over Taiwan or Japanese version! Korean drama sound track are always the best too!

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