Saturday, October 02, 2010


Recently too many things have happened and I had no time and energy to update. Nor do I have the mood because that 2 woman are really mood spoiler.

Let's rewind back to May 2010.

May 2010.
 On the boat in Singapore River.
Near the backstage of NDP 2009.
 Below the Helix bridge.
 Sunny view of the flyer.
Dinning in the cooling flyer @ night is the best! But I don't wish to dine in the flyer.
I went to explore the three tall towers.

June 2010.

 View from the Marina bay sand.
View of the Marine bay sand.

July 2010.

 Lucky snake in Punggol temple.
Cheesy snake~

August 2010.

 YOG laser.
 Orange gold flame/ light?
I had been to Marina barrage. Cooling and windy place @ night. Can I move my bed there?

September 2010.

 Concert??? Nope! I am watching Getai. Excellent lighting, sound and visual effect. SEE THE BACKGROUND DISPLAY!
 Background changed. Like KBS stage.
 The bright light that shone onto the audience. Damn hot like sunlight. "Shut it off lei!!!"
 The management team behind us.
 Nice background!!!
I love hazy stage. Like Mediacorp stage.

Mid-autumn festival party in clinic.
 Chang-er fully hand-drawn by a talented artistic NUS nursing student.
 Lots of colourful lively lanterns hanging aroun the whole clinic.
The event is ready to begin anytime.

Another event came up as well. BCAM/ TCM ? day.

 Manually packed goodie bags thrown loosely at one corner.
Tied into a cluster of 10. Nice and neat! Good job everyone!

Randomly dated.

Corn which hairy head. 
Curry sauce is for drawing.
 Bed for the DEAD.
What are you digging??? O SO CUTE!
My thick heavy stack of study guide arrived.
I bet you guys had not seen the red number before. HAHAHHA!
I knocked myself onto the drawer in the MRO and got such a polky dot bruise.
Mei mei brought a big bag of loosely packed staple bullets. Very LOOSELY packed indeed.
Lim is so talented to make this ring out of paper clips. Smart girl!
Sizes varies.
As you can see! Each module notes are getting thicker and thicker until I don't know how should I bind it. In the end I didn't bind the thicker one. Hope my notes don't fly away and goes missing.
Meow meow sleeping in an awkwardly weird position. Let's look closer below!
Lim the keyboard abuser.

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