Friday, November 19, 2010

Haw Par Villa on 5Nov2010.

Instead of celebrating Deepavali, we visited the infamous Haw Par Villa. My parents used to take lot of beauty posing photos here. In those days, here required admission fee of don't know how much and now it is free!

By the way, I am truely a huge fan of heritage/ history/ ancient stuff. It is really fun to see the uncommon rather than the common we see daily. Daily life is too boring for me.
Their visiting hours is from 9am till 7pm. They actually have a meaning for this timing. It is believe that the status will come alive at night.
The entrance. A very energy consuming slope. There are more slope ahead.

We went to the 18 level of hell. I didn't took any photos because it was rather disgusting with the people struggling from pain, body parts cut off or grinded. People were tortured in all kind of ways you can think of. This is my second time in. The first time when I went was like early seconday school life, I was deeply tramatised, I couldn't sleep well for a week.

This is LSY best-est-est-est-est friend in the world!

Prohibited stage.

Turtle, fishes... This reminds me of Kusa Island.

LSY would like to bring this whole rack home. By all means, go ahead and do so. ;p

Bit of structures destroyed by acid rain.

Newly arrived West-meet-East status. HELLO~

The tale of madm white snake.

Old house.

Slope up.

I love the details on the pillars or what you call that. It brings me to the ancient period of china palace.  If they could paint it gold and black, it would be great.

Peach garden of the Monkey King. The sky that day was beautiful and baby soft blue. I want to go to the beach and stroll all day long. When can I attained my care-free lifestyle?

The well respected confucius. Korean love him very much.



I love this one. Looked like it will start to move and speak anytime. RRRAAAWWWWRRRR!

Pond of legacy. In the past, I don't think it is filled with water. I think this is not suppose to be filled with water. The whole pond trail is a storyline. The water and living organisms blurred the story.

I am a super huge fan of Opera. I love their blinky costumes, extreme makeup, hairstyle and blinky hair accessories. Sorry, you don't get to see it on above photo.

That's all.

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