Friday, November 19, 2010


My favourite indian snack. MURUKU ~ ~ ~ !!! When can I eat it again? Tell me where to buy ~ ~ ~

Where I first saw this, I was like asking is this sweet or tablets? For normal consumption?

Pretty ribbons~

Glittery blue christmas tree. Glittery attracted me. I only love GOLDEN-REDDISH christmas tree anyway.  This is too bight. If the light could dim half, it would be nicer.

What I mean by dimmer is this. Those silver shiny red nose deer are so cute!!! I love!!!



Newly painted~ The yellow road is so matchy with the golden lamp light~ Pretty, peaceful and calm night.

17th November 2010

Instead of celebrating Hari Raya, whole family went traditonal dim sum restaurant. Everytime during holiday, we always come here to have lunch.

Long long queue as usual.

Start with clean nice table.

End with messy table. OMG SO FULL!

That's all.

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