Sunday, November 21, 2010

Singapore River Cruise + ACM on 21Nov2010

Today was yet another outing around Singapore. This time it was rather boring one because I am quite familiar with those places. But yet it was a very refreshing idea to have an outing to the familiar with the unfamiliar. It was rather fun to see other people curious with the places I am familiar with.

I totally fell in love with the pearls and gemstones accessories at ACM 'The Museum Shop'.

 PURPLE christmas decorations along orchard road. Pretty~

Pretty jingle balls + disco balls for christmas decorations at Clarke Quay.

Filming @ Forbidden City.

The yellowish bright cruise behind caught everyone attention.

I don't know why is the weather there so hazy this morning.

Shophouses along Singapore River.

The sun.

Outside Fullerton hotel. The feel of wedding.

Stone cats along Singapore River.

Inside ACM.

This face look ghostly creepy.

A beautiful blue sky.

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