Saturday, November 20, 2010


I am really very very very upset and dissappointed with my family. Why are they so affected about this 'study for qualification' versus 'study to gain knowledge' issue. I AM REALLY REALLY VERY ANNOYED, IRRITATED, DEPRESSED AND DEMORALISED ABOUT THIS WHEN I AM BEING CHANTED EVERY WEEK! I feel like getting married and leave the house!

I am a quite stubborn person. One day, they asked me if I am coping well with my studies, I happily answered YES, OF COURSE. Since I am very talkative and proud that I am coping well, I went on to elaborate my secret of success. I happened to say cause I think about studying to gain knowledge so as to have better performance at work and not thinking about getting a piece of qualification and hence I can cope super well. Then the war started. I believed that she was low-educated, she don't understand my point or she is not open-minded enough. Hence she started reprimanding me on why do I still study on when I don't study for the qualification. Since I am stubborn, I sticked to my point of course.

And there she goes all around the wrong world and asking people is it logically for me to not study for qualification? As what I learnt in sociology, your data collection is totally invalid cause she is asking leading questions. It lead the subject of studies to answer the way she want. She ask also don't know how to ask properly. She don't even explain my point of views to other people, maybe then they will understand what I really meant.

I really don't understand what she understand from what I told her. Is my Chinese that bad or difficult for her to understand? It could be kind of complicated because simple-minded people will see that qualification is most important. But as life goes on, we will start to realise that qualification can't lead you to a good future. With qualification and without good interviewing skills, you can't secured a job. With qualifcation only to me is like dumping all your knowledge into the examination paper and returning it back to the school. Whereas for gaining knowledge is like you understand it and hence you are able to turn it into valuable knowledge that is applicable in daily life for the rest of the life. This is what RP taught me and I have used it for 3 years and it is proven a very useful skill to me in life. In business management, I also learnt, in reality management normally don't use the best solution and theory that was thought in school cause in reality, we critically invented a new best solution on the spot. I can say that we are just creating a basis only, we still had to relearn a new set of things in the real world. Therefore with this reasoning I had in my mind, you think I would made studying for the qualification be the main goal for studying my degree?

I am really concern about this issue is because I am being reprimanded and questioned every week. Every time I tried to understand all I could with lots of real life examples but I don't know why she can't comprehend me. Instead, I was always being told off with this same sentence: what for I study if I don't study for the qualification? She said that everywhere I go, I need my qualification. I don't agree because if I were to be self-employed, do I still need my qualification? In fact, I need my all my knowledge. I don't think the ministers would be happy to hear that their people study for qualification because the student is seriously wasting the state time as they required retraining again to refresh their mind. What the ministers need is people with valuable skills. Just like local university, they accept students that don't only know how to study hard but also know how to play hard.

I am totally dissappointed because all along I thought I could open up my mind to the family because they will gave me support. How many times they dissappointed me and demoralised me. How many times they made wrong decisions for me and spoilt my perfect plans. It is because of all these wrong moves made by them, I decided to make my decision personally because I know what I need and suit me most. Most of the time, I never gave up on them and open up my thinking to them and everytime I don't get their support, good advices and hopes then I started to think if did I made the wrong choice by sharing with them. In the end, I realised my good friends understand how I feel better than own family.

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