Saturday, December 25, 2010

Woodland jetty, qianhu and tanglin mall on 10 DEC 2010.

Woodland jetty
This trip really made me miss my RP life. This woodland jetty is just a forest behind RP.
I love dark clouds. It would be best with thunder and strong wind.

Qian Hu Fish Farm
 Mini strong crabs.

 Earthworms for the crabs.

Christmas tree made with CD-ROM at Tanglin Mall.

Pretty purplish christmas lightings along Orchard road.

The bubble snow war start! I tried the bubble, they evaporated very fast without wetting your shirt.

 Massive amount of bubbles.

Lots of people waiting for snow to fall.

The snow began.

The snow making machine.

They come in blue color too. Pretty because they blink!

Merry Christmas everyone~

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