Saturday, December 25, 2010

A mysterious wave dream.

I had a beautiful yet scary dream earlier on. I was travelling with a tour group to a mysterious island. All the elders left except the young ones view the rushy seaview. I too was looking at the seaview with a 2 weathers sky. On the left is a dark cloudy windy sky and on the right is a light blue cold sky. So I went to a shelter area with 4 pillars on the beach to snap better photos. Earlier on, the tour guide told me about this legend of the beach, there will be a big wave once in a while and sometimes it is so big that it will flush who ever that is standing on the beach including the shelter area where I am standing at. Suddenly the wave really came, I hid behind the pillar and got myself dry and the tour guide warned me to leave the beach because the wave is very dangerous. The tour guide got wet from the wave and he jumped into something like a big drain to wash himself. I didn't cause I had probia for dark water. And I looked back and saw so many brightly lited that looked just like hotels. There are not a few but like more than 30 plus buildings of hotel and most of the rooms are brightly lited. This scene is so beautiful. I wonder why is that island so popular, is it because of the mysterious wave? Now I had the strong urge to go travelling and exploring the mysterious world. How I wish for a long-term holiday.

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