Saturday, January 01, 2011

Neighbourhod BBQ New Year Party on 31 Dec 2010.

I didn't stay long before it was rather boring and inorganised, not crazy and not hyper enough for me to stay on. But as long as my Mum enjoyed then it is good.

I would love to go BBQ with my fellow bestest friends. This is just normal BBQ, so boring! I have far more interesting stuff to BBQ. Chicken wings and hotdog... so unhealthy and yucky. :S

Black cat waiting for food patiently.

Just when I went forward to get a better shot, it stood up and came over to my phone. Argh...

Hotdogs are provided for it but it refused to come forward. Owh~

Come come, don't look look.

The surroundings people at the party.

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