Monday, May 23, 2011

21 May 2011 - TTSH DANCE AND DINNER 2011.

My lucky draw number almost won a prize; 8865. Omhg~

My favourite jelly fish cold plate. Yum~
Oh ya, we are sitting at table 75. We are so lucky to be 4 tables away from the stage. There were like around 300 tables in the whole ballroom. It was crazily huge, crowded, noisy and full-house.
This is the fun part about big organisations; organising big events. Sadly, only this part.

The table setting for individual.

There are 2 types of menu - chinese (non-halal) and halal menu. I wonder how is the halal menu like.

The surrounding. Lots and lots of tables and human of all kinds. 4 screens around the ballroom broadcasting the stage 'live'.

I love the summer leaves ceilling on top of us.

The directors and head of department table on the left. They had nice table setting with a bunch of roses in the centre of the table and wine red ribbons tied onto their chair. They also had food served right in front of them rather than us, we had to take ourselves from the centre table. Since I had 2 times such experiences, I really enjoyed been served. :)

'Despicable Me' movie came alive. LOL!

The table with minimal people present after finishing their fill for the first dish.

The halal table. Two of our colleagues are in this table.

The host is seriously super funny. Laugh die me. HAHAHH! He can even dance during generating lucky draw number, that drum rolling sound. The host even imitate Yam Ah Mee when announcing the votes for the 'Show me the Talent' contest. It was rather gay. Seriously laugh die me!

On that day we were supposed to dress as entertainer at you own freedom. Spot the fake MP with fake plastic flower around his neck on the stage. HAHAHH!

Everybody dancing crazily and happily on the stage.  LOL!

The MPs table. HAHHAH!

One of the 'Show me the Talent' performance.

The distorted fish. Seriously, what happened to it? Due to that my back is facing the stage, I had been too engrossed in the show. When I turned back to the table suddenly, this plate of fish really gave me a shock of my life.

 Chairman of General Surgery on War stars costume or whatever costume it is. I never watched those movies before. HAHA!

 These are my two colleagues busying helping others taking photos. Everybody were very busy even since camera, computer and 'phone to computer' cable was invented.

The ceiling taken with fisheye special effect. It turned out to be a piece of art. :D

Once again, I tried to take the crowded scene.

Another angle.

Another angle.

Seriously no one sit properly to eat after the first dish. I am sorry, I came to eat and laugh.

I love the orangy-gold effect. Prawn shell removed by hand. :D

 The yam seems to be out from a cheap plastic mold. I was shocked and disgusted with the presentation of this last dish. The kitchen must be so tired to serve so many people. 300x10 = 3000 people. That's quite a lot. HAHAH!

Overall that night is a great night. I never laughed so much after polytechnic life.

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