Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Random photos + 10 things challenge week 1 (9may to 15may)

 I love the details on top of the classic door and the window. Super nice but the picture was not that clear.

Dim Sum @ Red Star Restaurant on Labour Day holiday

Dinner @ The HandBurger with Hong and Qian. Yun fly us aeroplane. :(

My snacks during studying.

The fat lazy black with white sock cat under the void deck.

 Sky before a raining day.

 Sky before a raining day. This photo is absolutely without effects at all. So beautiful~

 Porridge on weekend. Yummy and colorful. LOL!

10 things challenge week 1 (9may to 15may)

9 storybooks > donated to library
Mumtaz's english file > returned back to its rightful owner

During the 1st week after exam, other than these 10 things, I actually threw away a lot of things that are either spoilt, rotten or totally unused at all for years. There are seriously too many things until I don't know what I threw. HAHAH!

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