Sunday, May 29, 2011

Singapore Zoo on 28 may 2011.

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I love it that I can enter without queueing up to buy tickets and paying expensive tickets. Even tram rides were free too. We had tram rides twice. Shoik-ness.

Here we are; Ah Meng house.

Fake elephant in front of the entrance. Before I enter, an old man, age of a dad already approached me on my side and asked if I want to buy tickets. HAHAHH! I replied him, I am entering for free. HOHO!

Entering via the member side. On the right, we are greeted by giant spiders the size of my fist. Hate it most cause I got seriously huge phobia for it.

Cotton-top Tamarin. So cute and tiny and furry.

Tiny Mousedeer.

False Ghavial.

Proboscis Monkey.

 Sitting like Ah Gong. Rare capture. It is so hard to photograph animals with iphone because they kept moving or they are too far therefore most of my pictures are so blur.

Otter is one of the hardest animal to capture. They are too fast!

 Zoo have lots of calm lake. I love how calm they are.

Gibbon black shadow plus up-side down rainbow.

These Gibbons are damn damn damn noisy!!! Can bring them to Football competition to do great loud cheering. When they are screaming, they tend to shake the tree they are holding on too. These make them look so hyper and excited that they so many visitors. They are damn hilarious, even the visitors scream along. =.=

 White Tiger. This tiger that is standing up kept walking left to right, back and fro again and again. Most cutest thing is that, it will always face the audiences. It is like as if walking a catwalk.

 Seriously non-stop walking.

Eerie skin puffer fish.

Yawning Pygmy Hippo.

Swimming with fishes.

Sleepy lazy Warthog.

 Calm river surrounding zoo.

Grey Kangaroo and Wallaby lazing around.

 Many Hamadryas Baboons. See the extreme right ones. Its back is so round and so cute. When they walk away, they tend to walk together and showing their red butt to us.

 I told ya', the view around are spectaculous!

Wet play for kids. Run kids.

Anti-social rabbit.

Looked timid cow-like rabbit.

Pony with hairy legs and tails.

Hungry Goats.

I love Kampung house.

Wild animal Carousel.

 Estuarine Crocodile. My favourite animal of all. I love see HUGE Croco~

 Squirrels? I guess so. Lots of them gathering around one corner. So so so so so cute!!!

Posing with its beauitful cute tail.

Don't know what is this cute small things.

Esturine Crocodile having sun bath on white sand.  Cold-blooded love sun.

Cold-blooded Komodo Dragon love sun too.

Giant Tortoise. They are nice people.

Fat Iguana.

Rainforest Fights Back Show. Elephant on the far end greeting audiences at the beginning of the show.

Orang Utan passed by on top of us.

Douc Langur? I guessed so cause too many monkey species. See the cute small monkey at the rock there. Its position is so cute.

Elephants At Work and Play Show. Plentiful of Pandan plants. They smell great.

They windy cooling huts we are sitting for the elephant performance.

Huge tree in the middle of the elephant stage.

3 elephants sleep while one refuse to listen. Ouwwhhh~

She sleeps only when others got up. Ouuwwwhhhh~

Elephant feeding time.  One basket of bananas $5.

 Lots of elephant lovers.

The decoration there. So nice~

Cute,small and fatty elephant status.

Spot the frog.

Stingrays with whipping tails. Beware.

Flying fox. It's cute small ear kept flicking.

Ring-tailed Lemur  posing. Sorry for the blurness.

A whole family.

Very nice of them to look another directions with no camera at all. :(

One of them willing to entertain me. Thanks.

Snakes. Don't know what kind.

Don't know what Lizard. They are so active upon seeing me. Their skin are lovely.

Green tree snake.

Alligator snapping tortise. They do snap!

Venomous snake.

Look dead with awkward hand position. HAHAHHA!

Another orangy ones inside.

King Cobra.


2 headed snake? There are actually 2 snakes together.

2 Large phythons.


Pregnant Lion (left) and King Lion (Right).

Tall Giraffe.

Nice wood craving.


My new found Africa friend in Zoo.

Cheetah lazing around. 3 in a gang.

Big fat White Rhinoceros.

 Peacock refuse to open its beautiful wings.

The end.

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