Monday, June 27, 2011

110626 malaysia trip

On the way to Malaysia from Singapore Custom.

Lot of coach buses.

Our super VIP coach bus.

First stop - breakfast.

Back view of our coach bus.

Front view of our coach bus.

We had our breakfast beside this coffee shop.

Roadside stall.

The coffeeshop we ate our breakfast. Taken on bus, the blur part is caused by the droplets on the bus window.

The nice blue sky.

The first place we went is the eight immortal temple.
This is the magic well with magic water!? Many use it to water hand and face. Some even use it to bath in the 12 zodiac bathroom facing the well. Some use it to wash car plate number.

Let's get started.

The well. As you can see behind is the 12 bathrooms, each with different zodiac animal written on top of the bathroom.

Another way to get the way out is to use this traditional pump.

This meow meow is cute~

The eight immortal and a gold dragon backview.

The cute mini statues on top of the burner.

The peaceful mountain surrounding of the temple.

Before leaving the temple.

We on the way leaving. Please notice the series of photos below, the sky start overflow with dark clouds all of a sudden.

Nice shot of gold dragon spraying water.

It gets real dark and heavy.

The place to had lunch.

FaGao with a Fa chop in bright pink plastic bag you seldom see in Singapore.

The magic big fish that everyone snatch to touch.

The goddess looking out to the sea.

The dried up sea.

Another huge fish to touch.

They are lurking the fish over.

Very luckily, it came.

Bright pink plastic bags are so bright.

The driver is having a hard time driving out of the super narrow road. Ever motorist had to let way.

Never live before this kind of kampung house with a some steps up. Western townhouse have these steps too.

Hua Guo Shan temple. First time come here and I had fallen in love with this beautiful mystical place.

Dirty natural drain.

I love.

Gold dragon.

View from the top is so interesting and nice.

Gold monkey.

Place we had dinner. The whole restaurant is so red.

They are ever ready for wedding events.

Malaysia police car check.

On the bridge between Malaysia and Singapore customs. Unfortunately I can't capture the choppy water. They are really very choppy and nice.

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