Friday, June 24, 2011

Secret & 2PM

시크릿 (Secret) _ 별빛달빛 (Starlight Moonlight) MV

So long have not come across such a dreamy song, dance moves and music video. HOW CAN THE MOON BE SO BIG!!! I WANTTT! This song really caught my attention.


Good for your eyes ladies~
I miss how jiyong put his hands up... owh~~~
Somehow I am attracted to Junho. Jan1990 178cm. Muahahha! He looked like Rain and he have the charming smile of jiyong. Or maybe I am just attracted to the way he dressed; I love guys with coat. Never show your muscles! OHMO!
AND ONE LAST THING!!! They filmed it in Singapore! First scene, Nickhun background is Marina Bay Sand that beside thing??!!!, 2nd scene is Singapore airline stewardesses and the last place is the area outside the club at I think Clarke Quay there. Oh WOW! SINGAPORE IS PRETTY!

Now Big Bang are in Japan promoting, I am really missing them... Where is Se7en? 2ne1 is debuting today anyway... If it is nice, I will dl asap. Heex~...!

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