Thursday, July 07, 2011

What makes you happy?
Can you give a specific answer on what makes you happy? It is not as easy as it sounds.

You may not have noticed, but people are exceptionally good in spotting what makes them unhappy.

Interestingly enough, they have a hard time on defining specifically what makes them happy indeed. People love to complain. They complain about many things: money, love, friends, work, or their life in general. But happiness is hard to define.

Can you give a straightforward answer to that question? Many will give philosophically undefined thoughts that finding balance in life will get you a happy life. Well, the trouble with this is, how do you know what is balanced? Where to draw the line?

I will make an effort to write my own answer. Remember that happiness factors are individual and relative. They are individual because what works for me and what makes me happy does not necessarily makes you or other people happy. Happiness factors are also relative because people determine what impacts on their happiness level based on the neighboring social environment. What this means is that people get lower happiness level if they find out that their friends/relatives/coworkers earn more, but nobody cares that Bill Gates earns millions of dollars per year! (This example also shows that money has impact on happiness, but that is a story for another time)

Here is my happiness-list:

Health. Nothing makes me happier than being healthy. I am thankful waking up each day with no pain. When I am healthy, I can dream, wish and act for obtaining anything else. If I am healthy, I am as competent as anybody else on Earth to strive for other achievements. Remember that ill people have only wish, while the healthy have thousands. I am grateful for that.

Security. Being secure means that I don’t have to care for various stuff ranging from shelter to clothes and food. So far this is very much according to the pyramid of needs, but being secure allows me to further be care-free.

Being Care-free. Being care-free makes me happy because it keeps my inner peace and helps me maintain my health, essential for being happy in first place. I set myself care-free by not having to worry about bills, food, clothes, getting up with alarm, rushing to work or any other kind of stress.

Good Social Relationships. Having satisfying good relationships with other people estimates the value of your personality and personality is a replica of who you really are. Being appreciated by other persons means that your personality as it is is very valuable.

Wealth. Here I refer to wealth in financial context. I want to be wealthy because money helps me establish security and thus I can “buy back” my time to do things I enjoy. My way of of becoming wealthy is through frugality and accumulating money.

Learning. Learning new stuff gives me satisfaction of achievement and motivates me even further to learn more. Learning is indeed exciting! I intend to learn to cook and repair things at home because I won’t be able to live with my parents forever.

For me, my happiness list is:
1. freedom
2. health
3. exploring new places & things
4. having good listening ears
5. wealth

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