Sunday, August 28, 2011


Just when I had a strong craving for playing MapleStory, I got this shitty problem.
I don't know if it is the problem with the antivirus (I tried deactivate it but no help at all) or some other stupid problem.
Just when I got a nice planned strategy to quickly level up to 4th job advancement right from the start as Level 0 and I can't start playing.
The feeling is really very frustrating.
Another sad thing is my numerous Level 60+ characters expired and deleted. But anyway, I would like to start all over again cause all my SP & AP are messed up and I had been training at shitty places.
I gonna start out professionally. LOL!
By the way, I had contact the Game Master, I hope they really can help me out.
If not Nexon is in Singapore, I would really love to work in the company to catch hackers. LOL!

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