Monday, August 22, 2011

110813 - Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park part of the beautiful entrance with pinko Flamingo and beautiful flowers.

The entrance is filled with lot of pleasant plants, trees and flowers.

Another part of the entrance with ducks. This pond totally had no protection fence, we can enter and the bird can come out as and when they want. Very interactive but the bird won't come out cause it sense and understand the danger of human.

This is what I meant earlier on. All kind of different types and colors of Orchids.

Penguin Coast external.

Fly Penguin Fly~

Camera not that good but I really love their swimming pool.

Pinky soft Flamingos.

White snowy Seals.

World of Owls.

Harry potter's owl.

Taken by YJ camera. Iphone gonecase for dark places.

Eeerie looking huge big owls. Their head turn super fast and big rotation than human head. They are just like robots. But I comfirmed that they are not cause they flew.

Bright red birds. You think I will spend them to read what's their name? I had enough of words.

Princess Pigeons. Say hi~

Three in a branch, they purposely flew there once a lot of people crowd around to complain that they are kind of noisy. They must be thinking we human precept them as singing beautiful songs.

One of my favourite vicious animal; Eagle.

A huge Eagle up there. This is really huge.

Finally get to see Ostrichs. Everytime only get to see on TV only. Saw their egg there?

Fossils of Dinosaur birds for children to do brushing game.

Ar-hah! I know this! Emu right? My friends~

Lots of white Flamingos.

Big fisherman birds.

Muscular man for you! LOL!


Man-made waterfall.

Swans but hardly can see it.

Pretty flowers. Rooster head flower?

Outdoor penguins. So cute!

Lunching @ Hawk Cafe

Their chicken is really huge!

OH SO CUTE~!!! But see the dark blue ones, deng-ing me!

Suddenly it rained! :(

Performances indoor, somewhere on the center left.

Penguin feeding time. Yum yum~

Lorries feeding time.

Lovely dovey~

Sausage stripes door

After rain, the birds flew onto the tree and appeared brighter red and they decorated the tree so beautifully.

Wanna take photos with beautiful light pink parrots and tiny bright yellow parrots. Cute to the max.

Many many pink Flamingos.

Like an old master putting his arm before his and staring at you. You can feel it?

The tram ride that need money, so we cheapskaters never want to take. It cost because the ride is as smooth as silk. :D

Bongo burgers restaurant children dinning table.

The end.

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