Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rule #18 Stop being spineless, learn to say no. It’s not being rude, you can’t be everything for everyone. Choose wisely.

Last time I used to say 'YES' to almost everyone and  everything. End up I had to multitask and end up doing everything not at my very best. Now I learnt to say 'NO' and I was once being praise by someone.

Saying 'NO' at first like I am very useless and not of any help. But as times goes on, nobody appreciate what I did anyway, instead I was being blamed when I didn't do it well. That is too much for my effort to do more than what I should. Now, after got praised, I feel excellent.

We should really do more of what makes us happier and not because of what others think and feel about you. And also we should know our limit, if we really can't handle too many things, just get help or reduce your commitment.

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