Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rule #19 Quit reading the newspaper. Bad things happen, stocks go up and down, politicians want your soul. There, I caught you up for the next 6 months.

Since young, I don't like read newspaper except for those really interesting ones like paranormal? No matter how my English teacher motivate and encourage us to read newspaper, read the ones that we are interested in, but few catch my attention.

Last big event for the election, I know nothing about all the participating candidates and how competitive it is for my area. I missed all the newspaper articles and I had to research a bit online to know what is going on. Maybe this explained why my language is so weak?; both English and Chinese.

Skipping the newspaper really benefitted me, the newspaper really make the world very complicated and complex. Life supposed to be as simple as possible. It should be like caveman time. I want to pass every minute happily and simply.

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