Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pleasure #7 Listening to good music on MP3 with excellent noise isolation and bass function earpiece.

With the combination of good music and excellent earpiece, it can really make you feel like the singer and band is right in front of you and all over you. Or you can feel like you are in a club or concert. That feeling is super great and enjoying. This is life!

A secret of mine; I can't live without my MP3 and earpiece. If I happened to leave them at home, I would go the extra effort, returned back home and take it or else I would feel so gloomy and sense of lost for the whole day. My noisy music and earpiece combined together can get rid of irritating noises from the crowd. Now I had grown sick of the noise pollution around me each time I had my earpiece down. Everywhere is filled with serious irritating noise pollution, especially those high pitched young girls. OMGOSH! 

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