Monday, June 18, 2012

MY trip Day 1: Genting

1 MP, 12 buses, 384 people.
Passed MY custom with a good weather.


It looks so dreamy when the sunshine shine onto the haze.

Breakfast at restaurant. Our lucky table number 26.

Suddenly it rained.

The bus we ride on is kind of weak when going Genting uphill.
Anyway it is good to go slow to be safe throughout the whole bus journey.
Further more, travelling slow can reduce car motion for some people.
The speed is great for sleeping.
Finally we reached halfway uphill to a restaurant for Lunch.
We are near strawberry farm.

Lunch time at Sichuan restaurant.

This is cat is seriously so cute. It kept going around meowing at us to give him/her some food.
After I took this photo, I realised it eye looked teary and pitiful like Kwang Soo. It must be really hungry.
Spot its front leg, placed in such a cute and neat position.

After  Lunch, we proceed to Strawberry farm.
At first, I thought we can pick free strawberry but in face, those strawberries need to pay.
Further more, there wasn't much strawberries as not yet the season.

Their business strategy really very demanding. Once we enter this door, we need to go through a maze and pass by all those shops before we can exit. Scheming. 

Minimal strawberries.

Mini clustered flowers.

Most of the strawberries are like that: UNRIPE.

Mini red flowers.

Field of Lavender. Not yet fully bloomed as well.

Top view of strawberries farm.

Somehow remind me of Cinderella.

Purple flowers. I feel like bringing these wall of purple flowers home.

 Yellow flowers.

Reached Genting and stayed in First World Hotel.
After 10 plus years, I finally came back to Genting. I can't really recall how it looked like last time. 

Waiting for tour guide to get our door card. Lot of guests all because of our 12 buses big group.
That's why I love big group tour. I feel so safe because everyone are Singaporean.
Any problems also can be settled properly because we got a MP with us.

Our hotel rooms were just directly facing the lifts. Seriously we were lucky to get such convenient rooms.
Some rooms were deep in and those look so ulu.

I don't like the fact that we can't see the sunshine via the window we had. We are facing opposite of another people room.
And the best part is I saw another man butt at downstairs window. Disgusted.

Cheapo ah! This soap can be used for shower, conditioner and shampoo.
Anyway budget hotel is like that, reasonable much.

Minimal toiletries.

 Old door.

We stayed at Tower 2 where all the rooms are small and clustered together. Indeed that First World Hotel had the most number of rooms among all other hotels.

After check-in, we waited for a relative. We spoken to the customer service officer, as usual, Malaysians are straight to the point.

Their decorations are pretty.

After relative arrived, we headed to 4 different Casino in Genting.
Casino is much more enjoyable than shopping.
With 50RM, earned only 7.20RM within 2 hours of playing. 

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